Don't Look Down

by Sage K

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Five years in the making. We learned, we cried, we struggled, we laughed, we rocked! A whole lotta love went into this. Hope u enjoy. xo. Love, Sage K


released August 8, 2011



all rights reserved


Sage K Eugene, Oregon

I, Sage K write and record and produce all my own tunes with my music guru and partner of 8 years, Ivan. After 5 years of learning, undoing and redoing...our album has just been finished! Yay! Hope you feel the love we felt while making it...maybe the blood sweat and tears as well. xo. Love you, Sage K ... more

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Track Name: Let's Argue
Let’s Argue

Don’t you dare yell at me. I’ll kick your ass into next week. Nonviolent Communication. Let’s argue peacefully. Let’s argue.
I taste misunderstanding. Pull your scissors from my heart. Don’t you dare spit bewares. It’s gotta end before it starts. It’s gotta end.
You’ve got some red dead eyes. I got a fast, nasty tongue. Here we are with the thunder rolling. Tying knots into this love. Tying knots into this.
Ooo. I love you. I don’t. Ooo. I love you, I do.
Where do we go from here? And then the grace appears. You bite my tongue and I close your eyes. How did it get so bright in here? How did it get so.
We are the guru’s on the mountains. You are the mirror faced at mine. Oh what a thing of sting and rapture. I guess that’s just the bottom line. I guess that’s just the.

copyright 2011 Music & Lyrics by Sage K
Track Name: Motherland

She’s gone back to the motherland. She’s gone back to the motherland. To seek out the birthplace of her sandman. He visits her in shades of black. beckons her come back, come back.
And so she has, followed him.
She’s gone back to the motherland. She’s gone back to the motherland.
Chasing the braids of her sandman. He’s leading her through shades of past. memories go back go back. Its time at last, release them. Release.
She embraces the demons of her night. With arms outstretched Stretched towards the light. Unravel her mystery. Detangle her history. Lay it all down. Lay it all down.
She’s gone back to the motherland. She’s gone back to the motherland. The African dancers are taking her hands. She moves with them through shades of black. Watch her shake her flames. step back step back. You see she has, followed them. To the motherland.

copyright 2011 Words & Lyrics by Sage K
Track Name: Harold's Song
Harold’s Song

Harold’s taking pictures of his neighbor’s mailboxes. He hunches over steady in his shit kickin’ galoshes. And he hopes it’s more than blurry this time
In summing up his life he says ‘it’s hard to think it’s mine’. ‘so much gained so much lost in such a short amount of time’. ‘I didn’t do it all’, he said ‘and that’s all right’.
*I said, ‘hey Harold I am filled with doubt. will I ever figure my life out? He put his hand on mine and said ‘my girl don’t waste your time with that. You just open up your heart and you walk your path.
Now he’s making coffee. he pours the water slowly. It really never tastes good when you make it in a hurry. ‘I give it time,’ he says. ‘that’s what life’s all about’.
He’s had his share of love affairs. took a girl with bright red hair. Then suddenly just left her there. ‘She deserved the best,’ he said. ‘and I just wasn’t it’
In one hand he has a shotgun in the other a thesaurus. We head out to the porch to join the crickets in their chorus. We write poetry and call the gophers out to die.
He grabs himself a glass of wine, smokes a joint and says goodnight. I’m off to dance with demons, stick around if you’re not feeling up for the drive.

copyright 2011 Words & Lyrics by Sage K
Track Name: Precious One
Precious One

Did you forget You are the sun? Did you forget how beautiful you are to me? Wrap your arms around yourself; a firm but gentle thing. What’s missing is just Remembering, Remember
*Ohhh my beautiful flower. Ohhh my bright, bright bright sun. Ohhh my tender sweetness. You’re my precious, my precious one.
You have sadness, you have fear and you have rage. The struggle to deny it, is your cage. Did you forget you are the sun that cannot be contained. What’s missing is just Remembering. so Remember.
No worries, love, I’m with you all the time. My temple is your body, this voice divine. Wrap your arms around yourself! You are beautiful now sing! What’s missing is just remembering. Remember.

copyright 2011 Music & Lyrics by Sage K
Track Name: Can't Swim
Can’t Swim
She said she couldn’t give what she didn’t have. I know I need to forgive this long long past. Mother, mirror, everything you are I am too. I love you, I love you. Will you ever stop needing the proof?
* I tread water. In oceans of her pain. Most of me survives. But a lot of me can’t swim.
Don’t remember being fathered, I remember being scared. I know the key to my self loathing, it lies somewhere back there. Damaged, Jagged, I was always close to his loss of control of his rage. He taught this insanity to us.
We are delving down into no end. This is the loop in the void of the future the now and then. These are the wounds that have bled since all of us began. And the wounds of our makers; the pain we learn.
These are their stories, now they are mine. I swear I'll, thrive despite it. No illusion can live for all time.
Mother, Father. No more anger. Grieving and accepting, Universe I surrender.
Track Name: Don't Look Down
Don’t Look Down
Don't look down, oh no. Don't look down, oh no. That was such a good trip, You say. Yeah I know. Let’s leave California, just fucking go. Take off together and make a home. Been five years, We’re both still here. It’s been five years, we’re both still.
Then we speak about what if’s and pain. Noticing the fleeting, now and then. The possibility for all of it to end. A cloudy clear, A parade of fears. Oh it’s a cloudy clear parade.
So don't look down, oh no no no
*Just look into my eyes, baby. Look into my eyes sugar pie. Look into my eyes, baby, And stick around.
We rise and Climb. Stretch to new plateaus. The high is exponential, but so is the fall below. Now and again we get that lover’s vertigo. We’re connected now, but what if…somehow? We’re connected now, but what if?
Everything is zipping by, freeway driving eighty-five. Seems slow though, compared to this light speed life. Someone please stop the ticking I don’t wanna lose this time. Everyday we grow, hope you never ever go. Everyday we grow, hope you never ever look down.
Let’s be like doors, swinging open wide. Let’s be the softness, scoop each other deep inside. Let the present moment blossom, leave the future undefined. I love you now, I proclaim that vow. I love you now I proclaim it I proclaim it and I won't look down.

copyright 2011 Music & Lyrics by Sage K
Track Name: Laundry Song
Laundry Song

I’ve done my laundry with a lot of men. Watched the dryer spin with the glass against my chin. and resonated with that confusion. Spinning confusion. But with all that folding, and post sex holding. I never seemed to Find myself a soft. I coughed up my soul In their hands. But it never came out clean.
I’ve done my laundry with a lot of men. Scrubbed at the stains left from all the mudslingin’ and resonated with that illusion. That illusion of permanence.
But with all that scrubbing and post sex hugging. I never seemed to find my self a soft. I coughed up my soul in their hands. But it never came out clean.
I’ve done my laundry with a lot of men. Just keep getting dirty again and again. I guess I just resonate with that confusion. Spinning confusion.

copyright 2011 Music & Lyrics by Sage K
Track Name: Washes Away
Washes Away

See how good it feels to be in love. I’m gonna wear that feelin’ all day today. Put it on like an old shirt, pay no mind if dirt gets on my sleeve. With love it all just washes away, with love it all just.
I got a morning chipmunk in my ear saying go go go, no time to waste!
I’m stressed before I’m even dressed, I’m blessed but all I feel is stress. I forgot to put on love in all my haste, I forgot to
(*chorus) Take that stress as a red light, Stop drop and breathe. Look inside your heart and mind at that negativity. Take your time, dig behind. What do you really feel?. Gotta find that pain, give it love, and start to heal
This song is your reminder for the bathroom mirror. Don’t need no windex to see yourself clearer. Can’t see strait cause your head’s in hate. Gotta grab the reins and save the day. Let the negative go and yank that positive nearer! Let the negative go.
I’m like you, seein’ so much pain. Sayin it’s too much to vast to change. Can’t look anybody in the eyes, fear in the heart fear in the mind. Pissed off paranoid and deranged, we’re all pissed off and paranoid
C’mon y’all and see how good it feels, let’s all put on love today. Put it on like some old jeans, they can throw what shit they will at me. With love it all…it just washes away.

copyright 2011 Music & Lyrics by Sage K
Track Name: Brittle Brown
Brittle Brown
Your hair is brown straw. Brittle brown straw. Brittle brown. Last time you washed it was too long. But you feel good to me. Tangled in grease. Twirling your curls while you sleep on.
(*chorus)I said, go on my love. I said keep on, keep on. I said, go on my love, sleep on sleep.
The day you came round, I spat on the ground. I squinted at god and said this better be good. ‘Cause I don’t think this dust pile that I call a heart can take much more pounding, nor that it should. It breaks like brown straw. It breaks like brown straw. Brittle brown.
I heard, go on my love. I heard, love on love on. I heard go on my love. Keep on, keep.
Puffy lipped you. Morning grey blue light is upon your visage. Suck the marrow out of these moments and savor each other before we are gone.
You’re my view of beloved. I am filling up of it. So glad to be filled after so long. You’re my view of beloved I am filling up of it. So glad to be filled.
Now I can Go on my love, I can keep on keep on, I can go on my love. Sleep on, sleep.
Your hair is brown straw. Brittle brown straw. Brittle brown

copyright 2011 Music & Lyrics by Sage K
Track Name: Wasting

In your Christmas card you wrote, hope to see you both soon. Here’s to hoping is what I said as I tore the card to shreds. You fucking fool. And then I fell apart inside, from missing you
I wish you could’ve been my father, but you weren’t cut out for the job. The incessant teeter totter of your rage and then your love. Was so confused.
But I still fall apart inside, from missing you
(*chorus)The part of me that knows that I’m a woman can see the part of you that’s just a struggling man. But the part of me that still aches for a father cannot be consoled in your abandon. Cannot be consoled.
For awhile there I tried to replace what you denied. Every lover had a task to give me fathers love at last. Which they couldn’t do. Until I realized that I was missing you
Then I set out on this mission. With courage I transitioned from dwelling sadly on the past to finally facing truth at last. I can’t change you. But I still fall apart sometimes and hate that truth.
I ask for nothing, but just to know you. I want for nothing but interest from you. I need for nothing, but tender Love You’s. Do you know what you’re wasting, Papa, do you?
Often I will hold this photo of when you were nine years old. It sparks in me forgiveness, brings a stillness to my soul. You’re human too. I’ll wonder always if you miss me, like I miss you
Now I say this thanks to fathers, who’ve earned the honor of that name, who are courageously devoted to every child that they raise. You heal my wounds. But I still fall apart sometimes and want that too.

Copyright 2011 Words & Lyrics by Sage K
Track Name: Fly
Doesn’t want to face his mortality he works seven days a week. Neglects his loving family. Keeps his mind on other things. Yesterday a butterfly flew into his car as he was driving to another unnecessary meeting
(*chorus) And this thought crossed his mind for the first time in a long long time. I’d like to fly. He thinks I, I’d like to fly. He thinks who made up this mind?
She’s leaning towards the mirror. Despising what she sees there. Plasters on the makeup. Maybe the world won’t see her. She Drives from store to store. She’s looking for that one thing to fill the ache inside. Oh she knows she must need something.
Think back to all the influences. Remember when you first believed the bullshit. Remember when you first chose to live it. Remember when you first chose. Remember when you first chose
He never sees his parents. Father’s always working and mother is preoccupied with how good or bad she’s looking. In the dark he sees no light. Always trouble sleeping. He’s craving connection. He wants to live dreaming.
* And this thought plagues his mind all the goddamn time. I cannot fly. He thinks I cannot fly. He thinks who made up this mind?

Copyright 2011 Words & Lyrics by Sage K